Our Service

Weekly Classes

  • Integrated Catholic Classical Education
  • Literature-Based History
  • Inquiry-Driven Science
  • Sacred Music & Art
  • Grammar-Based Latin

Special Events

  • Field Trips
  • Service Projects
  • Liturgical Year Gatherings
  • Scholé Sisters mom’s group
  • Tutor Training Sessions

Your Commitment


Abide by and teach Catholic Doctrine. Homeschool in accordance with State Law. Honor commitment, both yours and others. Do what you say you will do. Ask for help if you need it. Help others to the best of your ability. Keep a positive attitude. We are here to support each other. Be flexible. We are a diverse group. We try to honor everyone’s needs and opinions, but we can’t be everything to everyone. We do our best for the good of everyone. Try to always extend grace first. Pray for us and we will pray for you. Be joyful in all you do and do all for the glory of God!


Be prepared for your weekly responsibilities. If you are teaching a class, have all materials ready prior to arriving on Academy days. Arrive early to give yourself time to setup, to help others set up, and to give your students time to settle in for the day. Make arrangements for times you can’t be there.  Ensure your students are also prepared. Purchase the required books and materials. Homework needs to be completed on time. You are still in charge of your child’s education and may make adjustments to assignments to meet their needs. Just inform the tutor of any adjustments to homework. Tutors put a lot of time and effort into their classes. Honor them by doing your part.


One parent is expected to serve for two class periods every week by teaching or assisting a class, planning field trips and service projects, coordinating monthly scholé lunches, or supervising the nursery. New parents are not expected to teach their first year, but we do encourage you to learn beside your students and our tutors. The rest of the time you are free to do as you please…enjoy quiet prayer in the chapel, sit in on a class, or just chat with other parents. All volunteers are required to submit proof of Virtus training through the Diocese of Gary.


At home. Parents are expected to provide their students’ core education in mathematics and language arts. Allow your students adequate time and offer the necessary support and resources to complete assignments. Maintain records. We do not provide grades, only feedback. Parents are responsible for tracking grades, attendance, transcripts, and any other records required by State Law and college applications. Pursue your own education, too. Our members receive a discount on their ClassicalU subscription, a powerful training tool for Classical Educators.

$50 fee due with application to be paid via check or Paypal. If accepted to Queen of Angels Cooperative Academy, fee will be applied toward registration. We will contact you shortly after receiving application and payment to schedule an interview.


Your Investment

Registration Fee

Due at Registration



Due August 1st


Payment plan of two equal payments (due August 1st and October 1st) for tuition only is available upon request.

Book Fee

Due June 15th

Beginner Level (K-2nd Grades) $105
Lower Grammar Level (3rd-4th Grades) $185
Upper Grammar Level (5th-6th Grades) $225
Logic Level (7th-8th Grades) $245

We will DEDUCT the cost of resources you already own is from the book fee. The fees listed are the MAXIMUM you will pay for required resources per level. Many resources are used in multiple levels and/or for multiple years. When sharing within a family is possible, we will DEDUCT the cost of duplicate copies of multi-level resources. Most families can expect to pay less than the maximums.

Where do my fees go?



QUACA carries liability insurance for which we pay an annual premium.

Administrative Expenses

We incur costs for accounting services, office supplies, postage, and equipment maintenance.

Facility Fees

We often are required to pay a rental fee when using a facility or venue for our events.


To the degree that we are able, QUACA seeks to financially help families that would otherwise be unable to participate in our activities and classes.

Curriculum, Supplies, and Activities

The list of items needed for all our classes and special events is long, but includes things like books and equipment, food, paper products, cleaning supplies, and much more. We provide everything our students need for class, so you won’t need to search for items on a long supply lists or restock pencil cases mid-year.


We often provide small gifts to thank the priests, tutors, and volunteers who support our mission.

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