Classical Arts Academy



Intro to Music (ages 5-9): A  basic introduction to various music topics: How we listen to, play, understand, and talk about music. We’ll explore singing and dancing to music, as well as the ‘grammar-parts’ of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) along with an introduction to the variety of instruments and the many contrasting styles of music. 

Beginner Violin or Guitar (ages 10-17): Instrument and music theory introduction for beginner violinists and guitarists, especially for students participating in the Strings Ensemble. Students should bring their own instruments.

Strings Ensemble (ages 10-17): Featuring the playing of chamber music, specially crafted to fit our class size, instrumentation, and particular ‘voices.’ Each session will be primarily playing together and rehearsing pieces for the forthcoming concert. Students should bring their own instruments.

Choir (ages 10-17): Vocal ensemble for new and experienced singers will blend voices to bring each to its fullest resonance.


Intro to Art (ages 5-9): Art for the youngest students, incorporating art history and appreciation, while exploring different mediums and techniques.

Art (ages 10-17): Each term will focus on a particular artist, incorporating art history and appreciation, while imitating the featured artist's medium and technique.

Theatre Troupe

Currently preparing for the Twelfth Night Dinner Party Variety Show! 

Stay tuned for details on upcoming opportunities...


Winter Open Now!

Spring Term: March 9 - May 4, 2023 (Spring Break: April 6)

Tuition: $10/hour, full term due at registration

Meet Our Instructors

Dr. William Coble

Dr. Coble is the music director at St. Joseph Parish in Dyer, IN. He is highly experienced in directing choirs and orchestras of all levels, as well as teaching general music classes to children of all ages. He has won numerous awards and published several of his own musical compositions. In addition to violin, guitar, and vocal instruction, Dr. Coble is also available for private piano and trumpet lessons.

Mrs. Maryann Foster

Mrs. Foster has been teaching since 1972. She has received numerous grants and awards for her art instruction, including two Fulbright grants and Indiana Teacher of the Year award. She is excited to share her love of art, history, and culture with our students.