Join Queen of Angels Cooperative Academy

*New families will be required to Shadow and complete an interview. Space is limited and placement is not guaranteed. New families accepted on a case by case basis.

Our Service

Invigorating Classes

  • Restful Catholic Classical Education

  • Integrated Humanities Program

  • Natural Sciences & Technology

  • Sacred Music & Art

  • Living Latin

  • Performing Arts

  • PLUS yearly Tutor Training Sessions

Restful Routines

  • Five 6-week learning terms

  • Exclusive Morning Time plans designed for our co-op families

  • Liturgical Lunch end-of-term celebrations

  • Advent-Epiphany, Holy Week-Easter, and 1-week breaks between terms

Vibrant Community

  • Queen of Angels Home Educators network membership required

  • Field Trips, Service Projects, & Feast Day Gatherings

  • Fellowship & Support from experienced homeschoolers and new friends

Your Commitment


Abide by and teach Catholic Doctrine. Homeschool in accordance with State Law. Honor commitment, both yours and others. Do what you say you will do. Ask for help if you need it. Help others to the best of your ability. Keep a positive attitude. We are here to support each other. Be flexible. We are a diverse group. We try to honor everyone’s needs and opinions, but we can’t be everything to everyone. We do our best for the good of everyone. Try to always extend grace first. Pray for us and we will pray for you. Be joyful in all you do and do all for the glory of God!


Be prepared for your weekly responsibilities. If you are leading a class, have all materials ready prior to arriving on Academy days. Arrive early to give yourself time to setup, to help others set up, and to give your students time to settle in for the day. Make arrangements for times you can’t be there. Ensure your students are also prepared. Purchase the required books and materials. Reading assignments and projects need to be completed on time. You are still in charge of your child’s education and may make adjustments to meet their needs. Just inform the tutor of any changes. Tutors put a lot of time and effort into their classes. Honor them by doing your part.


One parent is expected to serve for two class periods every week by leading one class and co-leading another. Other volunteer opportunities include planning field trips and service projects or coordinating end-of-term liturgical lunches. New parents are not expected to lead their first year, but we do encourage you to learn beside your students and our guides in the classes you co-lead. The rest of the time you are free to do as you please…enjoy quiet prayer in the chapel, sit in on a class, or just chat with other parents. All volunteers are required to submit proof of Virtus training through the Diocese of Gary and complete a background check.


At home. Parents have the flexibility to choose and maintain their personal curriculum at home, while still enjoying a "group learning" experience in a restful Classically Catholic environment. Parents are expected to provide their students’ core education in mathematics and language arts in the Beginner and Grammar levels. Our Logic and Rhetoric levels feature a complete "just add math" curriculum. Allow your students adequate time and offer the necessary support and resources to complete assignments. We highly discourage families from enrollment in other complete academic or full-day programs or tutorials (Seton, MODG, etc) as we have found the workload in conjunction with Academy expectations to be contrary to our goal for restful education. Maintain records. We do not provide grades, only feedback. Parents are responsible for tracking grades, attendance, transcripts, and any other records required by State Law and college applications. Parents of Logic and Rhetoric students will receive access to our grade and transcript tracker, through which they can view and edit their student's coursework. Pursue your own education, too. Participate in our Tutor Training Retreat and Coffee & Conversations. Read the Great Books. Our members also receive summer access to ClassicalU, a powerful training tool for Classical Educators!

Your Investment (2022-2023)

Registration Fee

Due at Registration, deadline June 1st



Due August 31st

Little Angels Nursery (2-5 years): $25/student

Open only to families with older students enrolled

Beginner & Grammar Levels: $75/student

Logic Level: $300/student

Rhetoric (High) School: $100/hour, 10% discount on multiple classes/students

Rhetoric (High) School Drop-Off & a la Carte

Due August 31st

Drop Off fee $200/family

Rhetoric students may choose the drop off option, which exempts families from teaching expectations. This option is only for Rhetoric students without younger siblings enrolled the Cooperative Academy.

Book Fees

Due July 1st

Grammar Level, per family: $65

Logic Level: $120

Rhetoric (High) School: varies by class

The cost listed includes textbook rental and purchase of literature books. Each student needs their own copy of the literature since they will be highlighting in them. Only Grammar Level books may be shared amongst siblings.

Refund Policy

Family registration fee and a la carte class deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Withdrawals prior to the first day of class are eligible for a full TUITION refund (less deposit for a la carte classes). Withdrawals after the first day of class but prior to Christmas break are eligible for a 50% TUITION refund (less deposit for a la carte classes). No refunds will be issued for withdrawals after the Christmas break. Refunds are not automatic and must be requested within 30 days of withdrawal.

Where do my fees go?


QUACA carries liability insurance for which we pay an annual premium.

Administrative Expenses

We incur costs for accounting services, office supplies, postage, and equipment maintenance.

Facility Fees

We often are required to pay a rental fee when using a facility or venue for our events.


To the degree that we are able, QUACA seeks to financially help families that would otherwise be unable to participate in our activities and classes.

Curriculum, Supplies, and Activities

The list of items needed for all our classes and special events is long, but includes things like books and equipment, food, paper products, cleaning supplies, and much more. We provide everything our students need for class, so you won’t need to search for items on a long supply list or restock pencil cases mid-year.


We often provide small gifts to thank the priests, tutors, and volunteers who support our mission.

Hired Tutors

Occasionally, we hire a tutor to teach in special areas outside of volunteer abilities.

COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Aug 10: Contingency Plan Assessment

Aug 17: Withdrawal Deadline (Registration refund $135 after July 1)


-Sterilize desks, door knobs, and bathrooms before and after co-op day

-Public Mass resumed, gathering limits of 50 or greater: proceed as planned

-No Public Mass and/or gathering limits of less than 50: We will proceed with decisions on a term by term basis.

  • Only RCHistory will be taught for K-8 via Zoom sessions and liturgical lunches at an alternative location. No tuition will be charged until we can meet in person weekly and then it will be prorated for the remainder of the year at a rate of $15/term per student and full course offering will resume.

  • High School classes will be decided individually based on teacher preference and may proceed in person if an alternative location is available and class size meets gathering limits, online via Zoom, a hybrid of in person and Zoom sessions, or cancelled altogether. Full tuition will be adjusted for final class offerings.

Family Handbook

Mission Statement

Queen of Angels Cooperative Academy believes in a rich and generous education, seated deeply in truth, beauty, and goodness, that nourishes the whole child - mind, body, and soul - and gently trains him up, ordering his affections to Our Lord. We seek to rebuild a thriving Catholic culture, in our community and within our Domestic Monasteries, by creating a gathering place for families to join in the Great Conversation, a warm and inviting environment that ignites the flames of wonder and fires the moral imagination. We engage in Sacred Traditions and Liturgies through an abundant and cohesive curriculum, embodying a strong Catholic identity, and immersing ourselves the Monastic Liberal Arts.

Statement of Faith

“The performance of an action is worthless in itself, if it is not done out of charity. Charity must be our motive; then everything we do, however little and insignificant, bears a rich harvest.” ~ The Imitation of Christ, Book I, Chapter 15.

As a member of the Queen of Angels Cooperative Academy, I acknowledge the authority of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, in accordance with Holy Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the Nicene Creed.

Expectations of parents

“It must be borne in mind also that the obligation of the family to bring up children, includes not only religious and moral education, but physical and civic education as well, principally in so far as it touches upon religion and morality.” ~ “On Christian Education,” Pius X

Parents remain the primary educators of their children. It is tempting to parents to let their part slide because of the role of the classroom tutors (i.e. “guides”). However, if this happens, classroom dynamics quickly suffer because students tend to not be prepared for class. This also defeats the intention of the QUACA curriculum which is to allow the entire family to learn together. When families learn together, they notice other available opportunities to explore topics more in-depth, they have a lot to talk about, and they will find joy in all they learn. Specific expectations of parents are:

  • Use the materials to keep informed of what your students are studying

  • Ensure students are prepared for class by asking questions about their reading; making sure the proper amount of time is spent investigating and completing notebook activities, papers, etc.; holding students to due dates; and listening to students rehearse presentations

  • Be aware of your student’s ability and adjust assignments as needed to meet the student at their learning level and help them progress appropriately

  • Communicate with class tutors any changes you’ve made to the student’s assignments

  • Arrive early to allow time to settle in and prepare for class

  • Pay all fees on time

  • Remain aware of and take responsibility for your student’s behaviors, upholding the rules of the group - remember, building virtue in our young people is as important as supporting their education

  • Commit to having your student in class on a regular basis

  • One parent from each family is required to serve in some capacity, either as a board member or volunteer tutor (at least 1 class), for two (2) class periods on Academy days. First year members may serve as a co-tutors for both class periods.

  • All participating adults must complete Virtus training through the Diocese of Gary and submit proof to the QUACA secretary prior to the start of classes in the fall.

  • All participating adults must complete a background check.

  • Remain at classes throughout the day - no drop offs allowed! Participation in your student’s class is highly recommended during your free periods.

  • Only the primary homeschooling parent is allowed to bring students to class - no friends or relatives may substitute.

  • Grade your students work in the manner you prefer

  • Maintain records/transcripts according to your state’s laws

Expectations of students

“It is by way of obedience that we go to God” ~ St. Benedict

  • Come to class on time and prepared with work completed to the best of your ability

  • Be positive and encouraging to your classmates - destructive criticism, name-calling, pushing, hitting, jumping on others, etc. will be not tolerated.

  • Show respect to tutors and classmates; for example, raise your hand to speak, take turns, use good manners, don’t leave the room without permission, address others with their proper name (For example, class guides can be addressed as “Mrs., Mr., Miss _____”)

  • Be attentive to those teaching

  • Respect others’ property by asking permission to use and/or touch something that does not belong you

  • Allow other students to concentrate on their work by not distracting or disrupting the class

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Show cheerful obedience by obeying the first time you are asked.

Expectations of class tutors (i.e. “guides”)

“Try to be dependable even in little things. Dependability is one of the most enviable characteristics you can possess, for it includes unselfishness, punctuality, thoughtfulness, loyalty, and charity.” ~ The Hidden Power of Kindness, pg. 18 Fr. Lovasik

  • Cooperate and communicate regularly with co-tutors who share responsibilities in the classroom

  • Be ready to start class on time with all materials prepared

  • Teach children in a manner that is open, attractive, and gracious

  • Model proper behavior by not talking to other parents during class, not checking cell phones, etc.

  • Adhere to disciplinary procedures

  • Only use materials in the QUACA lesson plans; any alterations to activities or materials must not conflict with the Catholic faith and must be approved by the group leader

  • It is your responsibility to find a substitute tutor and provide them with materials and lesson plans needed to complete the day’s work, in the case of your absence. Board members are not able to fill in every absence.

Dress Code

“How beautiful then is modesty and what a gem among virtues it is.” ~ St. Bernard, Confessor and Doctor of the Church

  • Clothing must be clean, neat, and modest.

  • No derogatory words or pictures allowed on clothing; clothing should not dishonor God or disrespect others. No skin-tight clothing.

  • Dresses, skirts or shorts should be longer than your fingertips. Leggings are allowed ONLY under a skirt, dress, or long tunic. Tops must cover shoulders and waistline (NO belly-buttons or spaghetti straps). We highly recommend that girls wear shorts underneath their dresses and skirts, since the children will be engaged in active play at times.

  • Comfortable, clean, closed-toed shoes are highly recommended

  • “Natural look” makeup should only be worn to enhance the beauty of God’s children and not be worn heavily or to attract attention.

  • Bring appropriate outerwear for the weather and a change of dry shoes in wet conditions

Sick Policy

“Always entrust your cause to me, my son; when the proper time comes, I will see that things turn out for the best.” ~ The Imitation of Christ, Book III, Chapter 39

  • If you or a child has a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above, vomiting, or diarrhea within 24 hours before the scheduled co-op meeting or event, please stay at home.

  • If your child has a croupy cough or a colored nasal discharge, please consider keeping that child at home, especially if he/she is very young and not able to wipe his/her own nose or able to cover his/her mouth.

  • This is to be taken into careful consideration due to pregnant mothers at the co-op. You know your child best. If you believe your child is sick, please err on the side of caution.

Attendance Policy

“He who is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in that which is greater: and he that is unjust in that which is little is unjust also in that which is greater.” ~ Luke 16:10

  • As a cooperative, everyone needs to be present in order to function properly. Participation is a commitment. Absences put more work on others.

  • Three (3) absences will be allowed for the whole year for the family, not including extended illness, births, deaths, or other extenuating circumstances. Please communicate ongoing circumstances to leadership. Planned absences must be communicated to leadership at least two (2) weeks prior.

  • It is your responsibility to find and prepare a substitute teacher in your absence.

  • If a family accrues more than three (3) absences in one school year, they will be removed from QUACA and forfeit all fees and tuition paid.

Additional Rules

“Crux Sacra sit mihi lux” (May the Holy Cross be my light) ~ St. Benedict Medal

  • Clean up after yourself; leave the building cleaner than you found it.

  • Please see that all your family’s belongings are gathered before leaving the building. QUACA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Be respectful of the facility’s property. You will be held accountable for any damages caused by your actions.

  • No yelling. Be respectful of others working in the building by keeping your voice at an appropriate volume.

  • No running or climbing indoors

  • All participants (parents included) must remain in the designated area

  • Every family is responsible for facility cleaning at the end of the day.

  • After their classes have ended, we are not responsible for supervising students remaining on the premises.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, a post in the Mighty Networks group will be made alerting all members to any cancellations or delays. Due to advances in e-learning technologies, we can no longer rely on the local school's procedures for these events. Decisions will be made in coordination with traffic reports and the most rural and furthest outlying members. Further instructions for make up days and assignments will be communicated as soon as these decisions are made.

Disciplinary Procedures

“A true understanding and humble estimate of oneself is the highest and most valuable of all lessons.” ~ The Imitation of Christ, Ch. 2

The following procedures will be used for classroom disturbances:

  1. Student receives one verbal warning (two for 2nd grade and under)

  2. Student is removed from class and escorted to his/her parent; student can return to class after that class period is finished IF escorted by a parent

If you encounter a student who is consistently unprepared for class or is causing regular classroom disturbances, it should be handled accordingly:

  1. Talk to the parent(s) to make sure they are aware of the problem

  2. Discuss with the student (outside of class) the impact being unprepared has on the class and give a verbal warning; make sure parents and leaders are alerted of the conversation

  3. Have student sit off to the side or leave the room while the others do the class activity the student was not prepared for

If problem persists, a parent must attend class with the student until class and group leaders determine situation is resolved.

Matters of grave infractions (as determined by the leaders) may result in immediate expulsion.

Conflict Resolution

“Arm yourself with prayer rather than a sword; wear humility rather than fine clothes.” ~ St. Dominic de Guzman

When conflict arises amongst or between students or adults within QUACA, parents are encouraged to follow Biblical principles: be slow to anger and quick to forgive, overlook much, and pray before you speak or act. Concerns or complaints should first be addressed directly with the person, or the parent of the child, with whom there is an issue. We strongly encourage parents to utilize mediation to help students grow in wisdom and virtue. If the adults cannot reach a mutually agreeable and friendly resolution, we ask that they seek the help of the leadership team to mediate the dispute. If the issue still cannot be resolved, all involved parties may be asked to remove themselves from QUACA for the remainder of the year.

Refund Policy

Family registration fee and a la carte class deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Withdrawals prior to the first day of class are eligible for a full TUITION refund (less deposit for a la carte classes). Withdrawals after the first day of class but prior to Christmas break are eligible for a 50% TUITION refund (less deposit for a la carte classes). No refunds will be issued for withdrawals after the Christmas break. Refunds are not automatic and must be requested within 30 days of withdrawal.

Our Schedule


The Cooperative Academy meets Tuesdays, starting at 8:45am, at the St. Michael Byzantine in Merrillville, IN.

Rhetoric (High) School Class Overviews 2022-2023

*Minimum enrollment for each class must be met or it will be cancelled

Integrated Humanities (2 hours): In the Year of Storytellers, students will explore the history and literature of culture and how they changed from the Ancients through the Modern Days. Students will be expected to read approximately 120 pages weekly, write one paper per term, and complete one project per term. Feedback will be given. Students can earn up to 3 full year credits, 1 each in both History, Literature Arts, and Philosophy.

Latin (1 hour): This Latin class will introduce students to the rudiments of Latin grammar and translation. Beginner and Advanced levels are available. Taught by an experienced magistra, Latin is worth 1 full year Foreign Language credit.

Earth Science (2 hours): Lab-based earth science study, appropriate for Lower Rhetoric students. Students will earn 1 full year credit for Science.

Chemistry Lab (2 hours): Lab-only Chemistry course, student choose their own textbook (not included in Book Fee). appropriate for Upper Rhetoric students who are concurrently taking or have completed Algebra II. Students will earn 1 full year credit for Science, if they also complete their chosen textbook.

Drop Off Option: Rhetoric students may choose the drop off option, which exempts families from teaching expectations. The fee is $200/family. This option is only for high schoolers without younger siblings enrolled in the Cooperative Academy.