Our Vision

The Cooperative Academy is a gathering place for families to join in the Great Conversation. It is grounded in piety and governed by theology. This is an inherently Catholic education.

The Cooperative Academy is a warm and inviting environment where parents learn alongside their children through observation followed by reason, an exercise in philosophy. It ignites the flames of wonder and fires the moral imagination. While commanding diligence, there is freedom and relaxation here. A grand feast featuring the best western civilization has to offer lies before all of us. Rich and generous, seated deeply in truth, beauty, and goodness, we nourish the whole child, mind, body, and soul, and gently train him up in Right Thinking as preparation for the work God has planned.

Parent-tutors act as learning facilitators in the classroom and expert mentors provide superior instruction in areas of refined skill. Together, we explore the richness and depth of true history, that is to say we connect to our own distinctly Catholic story, the story of Salvation History, the plan of Divine Providence, from which all other histories derived. Partaking in our abundant Catholic heritage, we learn the mother tongue of our Holy Church, the language of Latin. We study the transcendent beauty of music and art in the Catholic Tradition. As Pope Saint John Paul II instructed us, “Through his ‘artistic creativity’ man appears more than ever ‘in the image of God.’” As such, we hone our own skill in the fine arts to praise the Lord and glorify His creation. In observing the wonders of nature, we are driven to inquiry and prompted to careful consideration of the sciences. 

Here, we provide students with the tools of learning so they may carry them throughout their lives and use them in adherence to God’s will. It is a "musical" education - one that "tunes" and orders the child’s affections to Our Lord and cultivates wisdom, grace, and virtue. It is the embodiment of the Catholic Faith in education and it is toward that which we strive at Queen of Angels Cooperative Academy.